2016 TnSRO Conference

Live To Be School Program with Jared Blake

Live To Be is a concept that uses a "living above" approach to life. Temptations are everywhere and decisions are constantly creating each person's unique path in life. The veins of those decisions can make a person feel lost, doubtful, hopeless, or create confusion, which is then influenced by what their peers may say. In the attempt to "live above" they will keep better focus on the end goals they create for themselves. Live To Be will give our youth a positive focus and encourage them to achieve the goals they have created with a strong sense of accomplishment along the way. With the help of country-music singer Jared Blake (NBC's The Voice semi-finalist, Season 1), the Live To Be program was established with the goal to meet the growing needs of today's youth to find their unique path, free from the use of drugs or alcohol. For more information and videos of the Live To Be Program, Please Click Here

Philip Chalmers

Phil Chalmers is America's Leading Authority on Juvenile Homicide and Juvenile Mass Murder, and has interviewed over 200 teen killers and school shooters, along with numerous serial killers, mass murderers, and sexual predators. The reason for these interviews is to delve into the minds of the offenders, and to explore why they killed, and if society could have stopped them. Phil has also been studying youth culture for 25 years, and is an expert in youth behavior, youth culture, and youth entertainment. Phil has been studying juvenile homicide and juvenile mass murder for 20 years, and is the author of "Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer" and "The Encyclopedia of Teen Killers."

John Micheal Keyes

The "I Love U Guys" Foundation has worked with organizations across the country to create events that time and time again receive exceptional praise from attendees. Take a look at The Briefings, our once a year, week-long symposium as an example of our capacity to organize an event. Whether you are looking for a keynote by one of our speakers or a full day, multi-presenter workshop, your audience will walk away motivated, empowered and equipped with tangible materials and achievable goals in hand

Our Executive Director, John-Michael Keyes, has delivered keynotes at conferences across the country for audiences that include Law Enforcement, Educators, Administrators, Transportation, First Responders, Victim Advocates and Communities.

Michele Gay

Michele Gay is a mother, Former Teacher, and now one of the founders of Safe and Sound:A Sandy Hook Initiative. After losing her daughter, Josephine Grace on December 14,2012, she chose to take action as an advocate for improved school security and safety in our nations schools



7am-8am -- Registration and Buffet Breakfast
8am-9am -- Opening Ceremonies
9am-9:30 -- Why Teens Kill, Speaker: Phil Chalmers
9:30am -- Break
9:45am- 11:30am -- Why Teens Kill (Continued)
11:30am-12pm -- Lunch
12pm-2:15pm -- Why Teens Kill (Continued)
2:30pm -- Break
2:45pm-5pm -- Why Teens Kill (Continued)
5pm-5:30pm -- Dismiss


7am-8am -- Breakfast Buffet
8am-9:30am -- Sandy Hook Iniative, Speaker: Michelle Gay
9-9:30 -- Break
9:45am-11:30am -- Sandy Hook Iniative
11:30am-12pm -- Lunch
12pm-2:15pm -- Sandy Hook Iniative
2:30pm-2:45pm -- Break
2:45pm-5pm -- Sandy Hook Iniative
5pm-5:30pm -- Dismiss


7am-8am -- Breakfast Buffet
8am-9:30am -- Gangs and Social Media, Speaker: Norm Miller
9am-9:30am -- Break
9:45am-11:30am -- Gangs and Social Media
11:30am-12pm -- Lunch
12pm-2:15pm -- Tennessee Legal Updates for Safe Schools, Speaker: Christy Ballard
2:30pm-2:45pm -- Break
2:45pm-5pm -- Mental Health, Speaker: Janet Watkins
5pm-5:30pm -- TASL Credit Forms and School Administrators Must be Present


7am-8am -- Breakfast Buffet
8am-9:30am -- EVOC, Speaker: Brad Collins
9:30am-9:45am -- Break
9:45am-10am -- EVOC
10am-10:30am -- Break
10:30am-12pm -- Child Abuse, Speaker: Steve Owens
12pm-12:30pm -- Lunch
12:30pm-3pm -- TN. Saftey Network, Speaker: Peter Cove
3pm-3:30pm -- Break
3:30pm-5:30pm -- Blood Borne Pathogen, Speaker:Andrew Slemp & Dismiss


7am-8am -- Breakfast Buffet
8am-9:30am -- The I Love You Guy, Speaker: John Michael Keys
9:30am-9:45am -- Break
9:45am-12pm -- The I Love You Guy
12pm-12:30pm -- Farewell & Certificates