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    Tuesday Night Concert
    Music by Chris Hennessee and Jared Blake
    In the Banjo Room
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    Phil Chalmers
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    To ensure you recieve a Conference Registration Gift
    You must be registered no later then May 1st
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    2016 TnSRO Conference
    is TASL and POST Approved
    Paths to
    Chose From
    We will have two paths that school
    administrators can choose to follow to
    earn credit hours.
    Path 1 is for 21 hours.
    Path 2 is for 18 hours.
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    2016 TnSRO
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    Forge, TN
    At The
    Music Road Hotel & Inn
    The 2016 Conference will be
    June 13-17 -Pre-Registration June 12

Welcome to TnSRO.org Tennessee School Resource Officer Association

Mission Statement

We provide guidance and support to the Law Enforcement Officers assigned to Public County Schools in and around the State of Tennessee. This incluces fiscal assistance, activities, training and program evaluation. We strive to obtain excellence in law enforcment for each officer assigned as School Resource Officers, Drug Abuse Resistance Education Instructors and other Youth Based Law Enforcement Officers, so they may better serve the children of our communities.


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The Tennessee School Resource Association is pleased to announce that we will host the 2019 NaSRO National Conference located in Pigeon Forge, Tn
The Smoky Mountain Conference is set to be one of the largest NaSRO Conferences in the Associations History. To be a part of this Historic Event, stay tuned at NaSRO.org and TnSRO.org, as well as our social media at Facebook and Twitter, for more information

Posted by Admin -- 6/13/2016

2016 Conference Pics

NaSRO Basic Training in Murfreesboro, Tn

For more info and a Special Rate for TnSRO Members,Click Here

Congratulations To Mason Crosser
He is the Recipient of 2016 TnSRO Scholarship
and will be attending UT- Martin in the fall.

Posted by Admin -- 5/18/2016

Congrats on a Job Well Done
to Community, Shelbyville Central and Cascade High Schools, Bedford County Sheriffs Department, Shelbyville City Police and the Bedford County Emergency Services and their involvement in their Prom Promise. 3 separate mock crash events. Pictured are all 3 schools celebrating together.

Posted by Admin -- 4/28/2016

ALERRT Training on June 7th

There will be an ALERRT training class at Sycamore High School on Tuesday June 7th 2016. The class is CRASE T3, Click here for details. This is the DOJ endorsed Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events Train the Trainer. It is only a 4 hour course, and will be from 8 am to 12 pm class.

Don't let Emojis ruin your life!

SCHS Achievers is a program in which students are selected for awards based on improvements they have made whether for grades and/or attitude. Awards are also given to students for being caught doing good deeds. This is positive motivation for these students who unintentionally get looked over. As SRO's, our job is a very difficult one where on any given day our emotions can go from one extreme to the other with the issues or problems that may arise. We wear a coat of many colors...and I want to show these kids that they are not overlooked and that I care about them even though I don't get to spend the time with them that I would like. After all...they are what it's all about.
They are from left to right; David Olivares, Courtney Mansfield, Bobby Prentice, Jessica Gilliam, Destiny Moore, Jordan Martin, Officer Alethia Rawn, (Not pictured Andy Solis)

Posted by Admin -- 3/21/2016

NaSRO Advanced Training at the Anderson Co Sheriffs Dept.

For more info, clickClick Here

Darien Pride, a Community High School Student in Middle Tennessee, Signed to play footboall with the Navy today! Congrats

Posted by Admin -- Jan 3,2016

Colorado Shooting over in 80 Seconds because of Armed School Resource Officer
Posted by Admin -- Dec 17,2015

The Williamson County Sheriff's Office is hosting a free School Security Assessment training for SRO's and other Law Enforcement in Franklin Tennessee February 1-5 2016. The training is provided by the NRA as part of the National School Shield program launched last year in an effort to better equip Law Enforcement and school systems in their pursuit of safer schools and communities. The training will be conducted by certified NRA instructors, made up of current and former Law Enforcement officers. There was significant response from our 1st class held in Aug. 2015. The class held in both classroom and in the field at a Williamson County school campus will focus on learning to detect threat potential and security weaknesses both day and night on and around a school campus. The class has been submitted and approved to POST for and officers completing the training will receive certification. Any officers or agencies interested in attending the training please contact, Captain Alan Laney at 615-790-5566 or alanl@williamson-tn.org
Class size is limited to 15 due to the hands on nature of the training.
Posted by Admin -- Dec 1,2015

Congratulations Tracey Harvey for winning the Tennessee School Counselor Advocate of the Year

Posted by Admin -- Dec 1,2015

December 2015 School Safety Advocacy Council Newsletter
Posted by Admin -- Dec 1,2015

School Safety Law News - November 3, 2015
Posted by Admin -- Nov 3,2015

The National School Shield Threat assessment class that was scheduled for December in Williamson county has been Changed to the first week of February. Exact dates to follow once they check on instructors schedule
Posted by Admin -- 10/29/2015

Basic SRO 40 Hour Training
This is a 40 hour, statewide standardized course, and those who attend will receive an SRO certification. This course is aimed to provide the SRO with foundational information needed to be successful. Topics to be covered are; roles and responsibilities, law related education, school climates, safety procedures, emergency management, active shooter, tactics and social media & technology. The cost for this course is $250. Register Here
Posted by Admin -- 10/27/2015

Tennessee Regional School Safety & Bullying Conference
Nov 5-6,2015 View the flyer Here
Posted by Admin -- 10/27/2015

Managing Bomb Treats
Bomb Threat and Suspicious Package Management Bomb and suspicious package threats persist as one of the most common threat related problems encountered by any organization. This 1 hour presentation - intended for schools, is designed to provide options for the organization when faced with a bomb threat and/or a suspicious package at their facility. The program will cover establishing credibility of the threat, response options, search methods and techniques, evacuations, and other threat management choices.
Please register any who plan to attend at TossTn.com Go up to the Superintendent Leadership Institute tab and click on "training calendar." Scan down until you find the event and click the "attend" button. You will be asked for your name and email address.
Posted by Admin -- 10/27/2015

Soldiers give boy flag flown in Afghanistan combat
"Joey helped pack more than 80 boxes last Christmas and has been supporting troops with care packages. He was surprised to receive something himself -- a flag that troops flew aboard an F-16, Black 40 Viper."
From T-G.com
Posted by Admin -- 10/6/2015

TnSRO PresidentJustin Grogan, B & B Drilling LLC Angel Eakes pictured with Ashley Sand to present ALL IN TOGETHER! ! If your school is interested in participating in this amazing event (this is such a rewarding thing for all ages to participate in!) for the soldiers and vets home and abroad, View the Applications Here. There is a grand prize winner of fifteen hundred dollars for the winner and one thousand for second place!!! ( NOT PICTURED FOR B&B DRILLING LLC IS ADAM EAKES AND DARLENE NEWGENT) If your interested in donating items or money and you don't attend school you can still do so please contact one of us!
Posted by Admin -- 10/1/2015

The State of Tennessee is looking to schedule 50 Free ThinkFast shows across the state. ThinkFast is a interactive game show that teaches students about traffic safety, take a look at their Website for more info.
Posted by Admin -- 9/17/2015

Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings -- Hosted by Cheatham County Sherriffs Office -- 10/31/2015
Posted by Admin -- 9/8/2015

School Safety Law Blog -- September 1,2015
Posted by Admin -- 9/8/2015

ACLU: Deputy sued for handcuffing disabled children
Posted by Admin -- 8/10/2015

NaSRO Class in Collierville, TN

Posted by Admin -- 7/30/2015

Winner of the 2015 TnSRO SRO of the Year Award- Brian Carter
Brian Carter

Posted by Admin -- 6/17/2015

Winner of the 2015 TnSRO Administrator Award - Joe Forgety
Joe Forgety

Posted by Admin -- 6/17/2015

Winner of the 2015 TnSRO Presidents Award - Carman Smith
Carman Smith

Posted by Admin -- 6/17/2015